3 Months FREE Property Management

They are the region’s only Flat Fee and Fee-for-Service Property Management agency.
Up until now, landlords have had to pay for services that they may never use, all bundled into a “standard management package”. Property Owners’ are here to provide you with far more flexibility.
They enable you to hand-pick from their services, providing you with the freedom to engage them as much (or as little) as you need. This puts you in control of how much you spend on management services and exactly where each dollar goes.

They’ve also gone one step further and made everything a flat fee. A transparent and simple menu of fixed price services which, unlike percentage-based fees, will not rise as your rent increases.

They’re here to make your experience as a landlord simple and more affordable.

As a PropertySavings subscriber you will receive 3 months FREE management for new property transferred into the Management of Property Owners.